Eindhoven’da En İyi 5 Kafe

Top 5 Cafes In Eindhoven

Tea for the Turks, beer for the Germans, for Dutch için de kahvenin yeri çok ayrı. Hollanda’da, kahve tüketimi kişi başına 531 gram yani yaklaşık 4 bardaktan fazla.


I haven't found a place where I can drink Turkish coffee yet, but I wrote the 5 best coffee places I preferred in Eindhoven to drink other coffees.

1. Lucifer Coffee Roasters #slavefreecoffee

A cafe that is at the top of my heart because they use coffee that is not labor exploitative. There are many coffee options. The cafe has its own style and personality.

Lucifer Coffee Roasters BAR kleine berg 47
Lucifer cafe


A cute little cafe in Bergstraat. This cafe is only open on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. Baristo workshops are also organized. You can get more detailed information from the website.

3. Anne&Max

In the very center of Eindhoven, even Lucifer will stay on your left when you continue straight from the cafe :). Most of the food has an 'organic' label, they have delicious cakes. It is a 2-storey cafe that is slightly larger than other cafes.

You can choose this place for your crowded friends meetings. Of course, by following the social distance rules. We can separate our buddy meetings as before and after corona. It also has many branches in the Netherlands. There is not only a cafe but also a restaurant section.


Coffe Lab has many branches in the Netherlands. Its location in Eindhoven is right next to the station. I usually prefer this cafe in good weather. I love the outside seating areas. Instead of chairs, there are cases, different design seating. The inside of the cafe is also ideal for writing and working.

5. Coffeelovers Van Piere

Coffeelovers Van Piere is a lovely cozy cafe housed in the eponymous bookstore. My favorite part of this place is that it is located inside the bookstore. It is a pleasant place to go especially with children. After the library, I can say the favorite place for children. They drink their hot (child warm :)) chocolates and while the fun book hangs out in the playground, you can sip your coffee comfortably. (Whose book was Perfect Motherhood Tangled Me :)) Eindhoven is a cozy place to enjoy coffee and books.

Recently, there has been an incredible increase in the number of corona cases in the Netherlands. Prime Minister Rutte said that if the numbers cannot be brought under control, cafes, bars and restaurants could be closed.

Until just two weeks ago, those wearing masks were viewed with strange eyes. Even if you are not sick, they said please do not wear it. The importance of the mask is now understood.

Like everyone else, my wish is to get rid of the corona virus as soon as possible. Cuddling my friends and hanging out with peace of mind at the cafe I want.


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