Turuncu Kodlu Ülke : Türkiye

Coded Orange Country: Turkey

Type in the winter months living abroad will receive one-way ticket to Turkey. In February, we bought the Düsseldorf-İzmir ticket from Corendon company in February. At that time, the corona virus was on the wing of the bat :)

The virus locks the World had finished our hope in our ability to go to Turkey. Later, with a little control of the spread of the virus, the journey between countries began.

Netherlands Turkey took between countries coded orange. What was this orange code? It meant 'don't go unless it's mandatory'. Was a warning is in effect for the orange list, Turkey and Morocco. Many people's flights were canceled or delayed. Even in that process Between Corendon Airlines and the Dutch government A dispute arose. 

While Dutch citizens can re-travel to the European Union (EU) countries included in the Schengen Agreement for touristic trips or family visits, provided that they are responsible for their health and safety. Turkey is among the countries coded orange very sad. (And still is)

Turkey has canceled many immigrants, my friend tickets, especially my Turkish neighbors. We did not cancel and we set off for Düsseldorf when our flight arrived. (Since we fly from Germany in general, we rent a car. It is more economical and more comfortable for three people.)

Breathing is Very Difficult with a Mask

When we arrived at Düsseldorf Airport, we wore our masks. There is a mandatory mask in Germany and I am thankful that I once again lived in Holland while I couldn't breathe under the mask :).

Only Duty Free shops were open at the Düsseldorf Airport. Other stores; Bookstores, cafes and restaurants were closed. I only saw one open cafe. That cafe only served as a market. It was forbidden to sit there.

During the ticket, everyone except the young children followed the rules of social distance. Since our baggage allowance was 30 kilos per person, we were not worried about overweight. Turkey return Tarhana general, I am concerned about returning to the Netherlands with a suitcase full of noodles.

While we normally take the cabin baggage with us, we had to give the cabin baggage to large suitcases due to Covid19 measures. They just let the backpack. There was a huge mountain bag, cabin baggage on the plane. So they do not care about the size of the bag that will enter the cabin.

As we got on the plane, the hostess measured our fire and squeezed the hand sanitizer. The plane was not very full. The queue behind us was empty. However, Corendon was not a precaution taken by the company in advance. In other words, there was no social distance measure between passengers. They asked us not to remove our mask during the journey. The hostesses often warned the passengers who downloaded the mask.

They gave a form during the flight. The form specifies whether the Covidien-19 and asked for the address we stayed in Turkey. In the small note at the bottom of the form, it was stated that a penalty will be imposed in the wrong address statement.

They said that when the plane landed on the runway, only what they said was the line number, and other passengers were waiting in their seats. We were among the first to come out because we sat in the front seat. We went to the baggage delivery point by bus. But the social distance rules in the bus were at the discretion of the people. There were no established rules and lines inside the bus

While passing through the passport point, we only passed through thermal cameras. No temperature measurements or tests were performed. Passengers did not comply with the social distance rules in baggage purchase. Duty Free point was clear in Turkey.

When we left the airport, my dear, who did not comply with the social distance rules we saw in the news, came to my country. But everyone was following the mask rule meticulously.

We have a Izmir-Dusseldorf return ticket on August 17. From there, we will go back to Holland by car. For now, the Covid-19 test is not mandatory when entering Germany.

Let's see what adventures await our heroes on our return journey.


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  1. Merhaba
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