Hollandaca Öğrenmek İçin En İyi Mobil Uygulamalar

Best Mobile Applications to Learn Dutch

Dünyada sadece  24 milyon insanın konuştuğu bu dili  öğrenmek zorunda kaldıysanız, Hollandaca öğrenmek için en iyi mobil uygulamaları kullanarak ve kursa giderek pek çok kelime öğrenebilirsiniz. Henüz yetişkin sohbetlerinde kendimi gösteremesemde, kızımın arkadaşlarıyla sohbetin dibine vurabiliyorum. 🙂

I haven't met anyone who doesn't speak English in this country for a year and a half. Almost everyone except kids İngilizce He knows. Like, in my country, 'Are you Cola?' I did not encounter those who said :). 

I think how everyone can speak English so well. I think the effect of the dubbing industry not entering the country is huge :). On the other hand, I have friends who have lived in Holland for ten years and have not learned Dutch. Speaking English is also very comfortable, nobody does fascism for you.

What did our uncle Mark Twain say, “It is not a Dutch language but a throat disease”. It is essential to help your child with their homework and to communicate with his school, to understand the incoming mail comfortably and to adapt to social life a little more. 

My motivation to learn Dutch is my daughter. In his life, 'What did my mother say? Can you translate it? ” I don't want to be a mother who says. I reached A1-A2 level using these mobile applications. I can easily carry on my daily life with the words and sentences in the applications.


There are a total of 100 lessons in the application. It teaches to build short sentences suitable for beginner level.


This app only teaches verbs with their shootings and times.


An application similar to Duolingo. It helps you communicate with short sentences.

4.Learn Dutch 

It teaches basic concepts. You can expand your vocabulary with this application.

5.6000 Woorden

Bu uygulama da temel kavramları öğretiyor. Dinleme ve yazma etkinlikleriyle de öğrendiklerinizi pekiştiriyoruz


I learned this application in the course. The teacher organizes a competition here with the words we learned during the lesson. You can add the things you want to learn.


An entertaining app that includes daily communication phrases and also considers tourists.

Do not forget to add the mobile applications you love to comment section.


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