Çocuklara Hollandaca Öğreten Siteler

Sites That Teach Dutch to Children

My daughter did not speak Dutch at all when she started school. School Days in the Netherlands  You can find this process in his article. At first, there was no separate class for those who did not speak Dutch at school. Because all students were either from the Netherlands or were born in the Netherlands. With the increase in immigration, such a need arose and the language class was opened at school, it was 1 day a week, then lessons went up to 2 days (intensive migration). This class consisted of immigrant children whose mother tongue is not Dutch. My daughter started communicating faster with what she learned in this class.


Dil sınıfı öğretmeninin, bize tavsiye ettiği Hollandaca’yı daha kolay öğrenmesini sağlayan siteleri teker teker yazdım.

These links come to all mothers who look with anxious eyes like me

Site Where All Themes Are Described www.kleuteridee.nl

Colors, Fruits and Numbers https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SmOGcIdKMSU

First Words, Animals

Songs Singed at School

Children can learn simple, everyday words and sentence patterns in Dutch with Nijntje.

You can find videos suitable for all age groups


Dutch Story Site


These sites made a great contribution to my daughter's language development. You can add your mobile applications and favorite websites to the comments section.

Hopefully, what I share will benefit all children who want to learn Dutch.


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