Hollanda’nın İyi Kalpli Çikolatası

Dearest and Fairest Dutch Chocolate

Dutch sweetheart chocolate has always attracted your attention on supermarket shelves, it has the most colorful design and has a broken chain picture on it. Many of you guessed, which chocolate I was talking about; Tony’s Chocolonely. Corona virus has changed everyone's life greatly, but the place of chocolate in our list of needs has not changed much. What do you pay attention to when choosing your chocolate? Is your first priority cocoa rate? Is it organic? What about whether child labor is employed in the production of cocoa?

(Fair Trade ürünlere göz atmak isterseniz bu linke tıklayabilirsiniz)

60 percent of cocoa production is from Ghana and the Ivory Coast, namely West Africa.

According to the International Workers Rights Forum, there are 2.3 million children working on cocoa farms. Child labor often results from poverty and, in the worst case, modern slavery

This issue started to draw attention in recent years, many journalists went to Ivory Coast to shed more light on the situation; However, the country's government officials were bothered by this interest and detained several journalists who wanted to reveal the secrets of the hidden cocoa industry. One of these journalists is Teun van de Keuken, founder of the Dutch company Tonys Chocolonely.

Teun struggled to prevent the exploitation of cocoa pairs of the workers. He even went to the court to hire a lawyer for himself that he was involved in the crime of child labor exploitation by eating chocolate and therefore he should be jailed. The court found it free and released itself. Teun van de Keuken demonstrated that chocolate could be produced in the cocoa industry without worker exploitation at the end of this move.

tony’s chocolonely

The first Tony's Chocolonely bar was born on November 29, 2005: it is a milk chocolate bar packed in red. It has a remarkable appearance with its fair trade and 100% slave-free writing on the package. It has been taking place in markets since 2005.

You will see that chocolate, which draws attention with its design, is different from other chocolate molds when you open the package. The chocolate bar is not created equally, which reflects the inequality in the cocoa industry.

Tony’s Chocolonely

He donates 1% of Tony's Chocolonely net income to projects aimed at creating a chocolate-free chocolate industry.

Tony’s Chocolonely pays cooperatives an extra premium on the purchase price and fair contribution. With this extra premium, farmers can earn their living income.

There are also chocolate combinations that Tony’s Chocolate combines with different flavors that you have not tasted much before

Milk chocolate Extra dark chocolate
Milk caramel sea salt
Dark almond sea salt
Dark milk bagel candies
Dark walnut coconut
Milk nuts
Milk honey almond nougat
White raspberry poppy sugar

You Can Create Your Own Design Chocolate

Use your own pictures, colors and shapes in the package builder and choose your favorite flavor. There are many options on the website, be sure to check it out. It can be a fun and delicious gift for birthdays or special occasions.

We want laws that make companies 100% responsible for removing modern slavery and illegal child labor from their supply chains. Do not forget to fill out the form for this. 


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