Hollanda’da  Ev Sahibi Olmak

Owning a Home in the Netherlands

When it became clear that we would move to the Netherlands, we immediately started looking for a home, but since we did not know the environment, it was only among the criteria that the beauty of the house, its proximity to the center and its proximity to the International School, which we thought at the time.

After coming to Eindhoven, our thoughts changed. We decided to keep the houses away from the city and International School but newer than the houses in the city center. The assistant provided by the workplace at that time told us that a house was about to be announced in the criteria we were looking for. On the same day, 2 people demanded the house and the final decision was left to the host, who chose us (the reason is unknown ?) and we held the house.  Beyim Göçü Günlükleri ‘deki you can find it in the article.

The house was new, it was close to school, but the rent was a little more. We decided to buy a house instead of paying rent under these conditions because the monthly payment of the loan taken from the bank was almost half of the rent. Meanwhile, Turkish Professionals Network Eindhoven (tpn-e) on Facebook OZQUR ve Sigorta, Mortgage Consultancy company owner Ömer Özkür will present his presentation, “It is announced to those who want to own a house, to go to a new home, to those who want to know the (new) mortgage rules !!! "I saw an article.

We watched a very informative presentation, learned the necessary prerequisites for the home, I will explain the services provided by him in the next article. Our home search adventure afterwards


We first determined our budget and then we started to look for a house in Funda every day. (Before the Funda, real estate agents publish on their Facebook account) We told the gentlemen that they liked, Ömer, he made an appointment for us. We visited five houses in total. We liked the two houses very much and made a price quote. Of course, this process was not as short as I described. The home market is very active, the house we liked the day before is sold to the next day. Houses are officially sold with a system like auction system. Some homeowners set a day called Open House. Buyers visit the house and get the highest bidder. They offer 340,000 euros to the house, which is 300,000 euros, and the house is already sold while you are thinking about it. The hometown is full of hidden wealth.

For me, the most important of my home criteria was the sun entering the house. So it is necessary to stay away from the north front. The kitchen of the house we live in was looking north, while cooking, I learned how to live the joy of living by living

The house we bought receives sun from both sides. As a result, people always want the sun when it comes to Egeli.

Now that we have bought our new house, we can move on to packing and moving….


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